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Joining our waitlist

As the sun casts its first light over Athens, and the city awakens in a symphony of everyday magic, we invite you to join us on a journey. A journey that began amidst the spirited life of Greek neighborhoods, where every sip of freddo espresso and every warm greeting is a testament to the Mediterranean's timeless allure. This is the essence of Lillian Muir – a celebration of life's seemingly small but profoundly beautiful moments.

By joining our waitlist, you will:

  • Be the first to unlock the secrets of 'The Med Set Ritual,' our hero range inspired by the very scene that sparked our inception.
  • Gain priority access to our launch event, where the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean comes to life through our products and stories.
  • Receive exclusive insights and previews, celebrating the beauty of daily rituals and the cherished collaborations that weave the fabric of our brand.